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How Do Daycare and Preschool Differ?

When it’s time for your child to leave your side and start their education, you have two options — you can either enroll them in daycare or preschool. But are they really that different? Today, St. Cecelia discusses the similarities and differences between daycare and preschool. Daycare Daycare centers accept children at a variety of …


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How To Prevent Procrastination

As good as a kid may be, even the most accomplished students procrastinate once in a while. There may be a homework assignment they may not want to do, or a large project that seems like it’ll take hours to complete. Waiting till the last minute is never a good idea, as the student may …


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How to Succeed in the IB Program

What does it take to become a successful IB student? Will I be able to handle this? How much effort will it take to succeed at IB? Many students who are considering the IB Program have asked these questions. The truth, like many things in life, is you will get out what you put into …