Volunteering at SCS

One of the greatest ways you can help our school and our children is by volunteering. Parent Involvement has a positive relationship to school success. Parents who volunteer have the opportunity to make friendships and build our school community, together. This page contains all necessary forms and links to help you with the parent involvement process.

Parent Portal

Enter Volunteer Hours through our Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

Click Forms in the top right hand corner once in the Parent Portal

Want to Volunteer?

View all current volunteer sign-ups at Sign-up Genius!

Sign-Up Here

Each Family’s Commitment to SCS

  • We will give a minimum of 24 hours per family, each school year. (8 hours for PK3 or PK4 only)
  • We will do our best to contribute to our school community in a positive and meaningful way.
  • If we are unable to meet this obligation we will be expected to pay $40 for each hour not fulfilled.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are dozens of events and opportunities throughout the year. Here are some ways to get involved.

Join a Home & School Committee

We have over 20 H&S committees. Check out all of them and contact the chairperson of the events that interest you to find out how you can help.


2016-2017 Home and School Association Executive Committee and Committee Chair Persons

Read the Crusader Newsletter and School Emails

Many volunteer opportunities are advertised each Friday in the Crusader Newsletter. Also, “All-school” emails will be sent with specific event info.


You will be invited to use Sign Up Genius to “sign up” for many events.

Wish Points & Teacher Requested Donations

If you are unable to volunteer, one option is to donate “Wish Points” to a teacher. You may purchase wish points for $40. Use the Green Form to document your donation. The teacher will use the money for classroom supplies.


Sometimes teachers will request items for the classroom. If you purchase teacher requested items, you will need to complete the Green Form, attach the receipt and get the teacher’s signature.


You must also enter the amount of the donation $40 = 1 hour of volunteer time in the Volunteer Hours Form

Attend Both Mandatory H&S Meetings

During each school year our Home & School Association will host a fall and a spring meeting. You will earn two hours per meeting per family. Please plan to attend one in the Fall and one in the Spring.


Mark your calendars!!


Wednesday, August 31st

8:00 am & 6:00 pm


Wednesday, May 10th

8:00 am & 6:00 pm

Obtain Level II Status

All parents are asked to participate in Safe Environment Program (SEP) training. It’s a 3-hour course offered by our diocese. Learn More

Both SEP Training and Level II background screening is required for volunteering with children so get started today! Learn More

Fingerprinting Instructions

You have to recertify every 5 years, this can be done online. Click Here
St. Cecelia School Entity Number is 2116.

Lunch, Field Trips & Class Events

Each classroom has 1 or more Room Parents. You will receive emails from them periodically. Reach out to your classroom contacts to find out how you can help with class field trips and events.


The cafeteria is a great place to get volunteer hours. Sign in at the office and help out for any of the 3 lunch shifts. No reservation required!


Note: All parents must be “Level II” in order to volunteer with children.

Directions for Entering Volunteer Hours

This year we are using a form inside of the Parent Portal for self-reporting volunteer hours. Please login to https://www.plusportals.com/SaintCeceliaSchool. If you need help logging in, contact sdale@st-cecelia.org.


Create an entry for each day volunteered OR large blocks of time for any single category or event. For example, if you worked 3 shifts at the Book Fair, you can create 1 entry with the total number of hours.


If you need more hours or have questions about volunteering, please email stceceliavolunteers@gmail.com. Committees are forming now for all of our great events. Please fill out this Volunteer Commitment Form and turn it into the office today.


Please note: Any family not completing the required number of hours, will be billed at the end of the school year at $40.00 per hour.