Middle School Math Update

MiddleSchoolMath01By, Mrs. Christine Cherinka

Circles Angles and Public Art

We have been examining how math and art are related through personal and cultural expression. The students made string art displays in our courtyard and were assessed in both math and art class. In math, they calculated the circumference and area of their circles andIt has been a very busy quarter in middle school math. One of the most exciting things that has occurred is our seventh graders are finishing an interdisciplinary unit titled Circles, Angles, and Public Art. used a protractor to measure the angles their string art created.

6th Grade Mathematics

In sixth grade we have just finished one Geometry unit. Many of the students are looking forward to expanding their knowledge on this topic. We used ordinary household packages to learn about area, surface area and volume. Our new unit includes operations with integers. We will follow this with learning how to solve for a variable in linear equations.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra

In addition to the Public Art Project, the seventh graders continue their Geometry unit. This class has learned the difference between congruent and similar figures as well as learning about transformations such as translations, rotations, reflections and dilations. The next unit is titled Reasoning in Geometry and the students will be learning about proofs and deductive reasoning to solve problems. It is very rewarding to see the students understand how they are building upon the sixth grade foundation as they prepare for Algebra I in the eighth grade year.

8th Grade Algebra I Honors

The eighth grade students are learning Algebra which is necessary as the foundation for all of the higher math courses they will encounter in high school and beyond. They spent a lot of time on learning about the different forms of linear equations and have become proficient with graphing the equations. After this, the students learned how to solve systems of equations and inequalities. We have now moved on to factoring and this will be followed by a study of the quadratic equation. Besides studying math, the eighth graders have been busy shadowing at local high schools and making decisions about where they will go for high school. This is such an exciting time in their lives and I am so glad I get to share in it.

Outside of the Classroom

MiddleSchoolMath02In addition to everything we are learning in the classroom, many of the students have been busy preparing for Math League and Math Bowl. These are math competitions where students in grades three through eight will compete against other Catholic schools on February 8th and 9th.

Students have also been competing in an international competition called Caribou Math. Once per month the students take a test on the same day as other students around the globe. The students find the problems to be extremely challenging but a lot of fun.



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