Middle School Technology Design Program

girl working on homework with iPad

“We are changing the world with technology.”
— Bill Gates

So many exciting things are going on in our middle school technology design program!

Students are continuing to advance through our Accelerated Course in computer programming.  For example, in December we held our annual Computer Science Education week where we embraced a variety of activities through coding and innovation. We are also continuing to master proficiency with our traditional keyboarding skills as an essential component of digital literacy for today’s students.

So far this year we have created unique Public Service Announcements spotlighting the importance of creating a positive “Digital Footprint” as well as using positive “Netiquette” online. We are currently delving into the world of animation and film through special effects, geometric patterning, character modelling and 3D design. Our ultimate goal as 21st century learners is to live out our school motto, ”to dedicate our hearts to God, our minds to learning, and our talents to service” in order to expand God’s kingdom in our world!

As we strive to impart a healthy sense of digital citizenship in all of our students, we continue to seek opportunities that can inform and inspire a healthy use of social media, entertainment, and education based learning in technology. We are excited to have partnered with other diocesan schools in Pinellas County, as well as Clearwater Central Catholic High School to share an incredible documentary presentation titled “Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age” with parents and students.

The scope of today’s technology is ever-changing, yet our Catholic value system remains steadfast, and it is our responsibility to empower students to navigate these middle school years in a digital world while providing them with guidance & practical resources. I feel blessed to be a facilitator and witness to their growth.

Heather Ciampini
MYP Technology Specialist
St. Cecelia Interparochial School

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