Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Drawing A BridgeWith summer comes a lot of excitement including warm weather, outdoor activities, and family vacations. But for parents, it can also come with worry over summer learning loss for your child. These concerns are not unfounded as studies show that on average students lose two months of reading skills and over two months of math skills during summer vacation. To combat summer learning loss, here is a list of fun activities you and your child may engage in to help them retain what they have learned during the school year.

  1. Get ready to read! Reading is an activity which may be easily incorporated into your summer schedule. Many libraries and book stores have summer reading programs to encourage children to pick up books during the summer. If you have a day trip or vacation planned, bring a book or two along for the ride. The school year has already gotten your child used to reading in the morning, so take advantage of this and set aside designated reading time early in the day before your child becomes distracted with other summer activities.
  2. Utilize educational technology. As previously discussed in our blog on screen time, there are many benefits to allowing your child some screen time this summer. There are thousands of educational apps which could help your child to retain the skills already learned throughout the year and even begin to develop new skills to start ahead of the game in the fall. Choose some apps that you think will keep your child engaged and make learning fun. You could even make a game out of it and challenge your child to achieve a new high score.
  3. Don’t forget about physical activity. Reading and writing skills are not the only areas that are at risk of slowing down over the summer. As children no longer have daily recess time or gym class, physical activity is known to take a dive as well. You can combat this by incorporating physical activity into your child’s summer by signing them up to play a sport or engaging in a fun summer activity such as swimming. Taking family walks is another way to insert physical activity as well as family time into your summer routine.

There are many fun ways that you can help your child avoid summer learning loss. By incorporating some of the activities listed above into your child’s daily summer routines, you will help them retain what they have learned through all their hard work during the school year. They will be able to relax and enjoy their summer while also being prepared to start strong in the fall.


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