St. Cecelia School: 4 Study Tips for Elementary Students

Two elementary boys looking at a book

Study habits are important to instill early. Taking the initiative to help your kids in elementary school can help them succeed in school and in life. Today, our team at St. Cecelia has four tips on how to help your elementary-aged students start and maintain good study habits.

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Create a Designated Study Area

Studying and learning are made easier when a child has a designated area for it in the house. Whether it’s a desk in their bedroom or a special area in the living room or dining room, an allocated space for homework and projects can go a long way. If your child is easily distracted and has a hard time staying focused on work when other people are around, consider placing the study space in a more secluded area. Keep supplies like paper, pens, pencils, markers, and other supplies in close access to the study area so your student doesn’t have to go far for whatever they might need for their homework.

Keep a Schedule

A child in elementary school is just beginning to learn the ins and outs of school and how to complete the growing amount of work without getting overwhelmed. Starting and maintaining a homework and study schedule early will help develop skills that can benefit them all throughout school and beyond. Build out the schedule with big tests and projects first, then work your way down to day-to-day homework times. A whiteboard or bulletin board is a great tool to have in the study space, so your student can have a visual representation of what they need to accomplish for the day and for the week.

Get Involved

One way that you can help your elementary student succeed with studying is to get involved at the school. At St. Cecelia School, we have several different ways for parents to get involved at school and in the classroom. We also have several ways for teachers to stay in contact with parents and keep them up-to-date on the latest lessons and assignments. Staying current on what is happening in your children’s education will help you guide them in both studying and homework throughout the year.

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Take Breaks

Children don’t have a long attention span — it’s just a simple fact. When creating good study habits, be sure to build in plenty of breaks! Work for 30 minutes and then do something fun for 10 or 15 minutes for a brain break. Play outside, get a snack, or do something else that helps get the wiggles out and help them have fun and positive correlations with school.

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