Private School Study Tips for Junior High

Group of five students working together on a project

If you have a middle school student in a private school, you are likely familiar with how the school work can pile up. To keep the workload from becoming too overwhelming for your students, check out these tips to help your student create and maintain good study habits.

Keep It Consistent

A consistent schedule is an important aspect of doing well in school. Create a specific time after school every day that your child must work on homework. Having a consistent time every day will help your student know what is expected of them and will help you plan any activities after school. With syllabi from your child’s classes, you can help them create a daily schedule based on upcoming assignments and tests.

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Encourage Breaks

Education is important, but being a kid is also important. It can be easy to get sucked into hours of homework and studying every week, but that isn’t a healthy way to be. Make sure your student has time to step away from the work to eat, do something fun, and get their blood pumping. Encourage your middle schooler to join a sports team or after school club and plan fun activities for your family throughout

Help Plan Study Groups

Whether your child attends a public or private school, they will likely have group projects from time to time. Plan study groups and project times at your house or encourage your child to attend study groups with their classmates. Stay in contact with the other parents so everyone knows the study group plans.

More Advice from a Private School

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