Volunteering at St. Cecelia

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Making the decision to volunteer your time or money at St. Cecelia provides a number of benefits to the school and to your child’s education. If you aren’t sure how to get involved — or you just need a refresher course on all of the volunteer opportunities — keep reading! We have detailed some of the main ways you can volunteer at St. Cecelia.

Volunteer Your Time with the Home and School Association

Parent involvement at St. Cecelia has a positive relationship with school success. Not only does volunteering your time provide much-needed support to teachers and administrators, but it also provides you with opportunities to connect with teachers and volunteers, building community and friendships. Each family of a St. Cecelia student is responsible for 24 hours of mandatory Hours of Service. More information about the Hours of Service can be found here.

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Volunteer Your Money

We understand that not everyone has a ton of free time available to volunteer at the school. That’s why we also have opportunities for you to give monetarily. If you are unable to volunteer, you can donate “Wish Points” to a teacher to be used for classroom supplies. Each wish point is $40 and replaces one Hour of Service. Our St. Cecelia teachers sometimes also request specific items for the classroom which can go toward Hours of Service as well.

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Be on the Lookout for More Opportunities

There are several occasions that come up throughout the year where we need additional help and volunteers. Our main form of communication when these occasions happen is through our weekly Crusader Newsletter. Each of our St. Cecelia classrooms has one or more Room Parents who also periodically send out emails updating parents on the latest events for the class, with plenty of volunteer opportunities.

Contact St. Cecelia to Learn More

This blog gives just a few of the ways that you can get involved as a parent at St. Cecelia. If you would like to work with children, you must participate in the Safe Environment Program training and a Level II background screening. To find out more, please email volunteer@st-cecelia.org.

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