4 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy This Winter

Mother taking temperature of sick daughter in bed

The winter months are prime time for cold and flu viruses to make their appearance known. It’s hard to prevent your child from getting sick forever, especially if they’re around other children. If your child misses school it can be difficult get them caught back up in their studies. In this blog, St. Cecelia provides some tips to keep your child healthy during the winter season.

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Teach Them To Wash Their Hands Regularly

Getting your child into the habit of washing their hands regularly is a good practice to keep them from getting sick. While attending school, children touch hundreds of objects each day that other children have touched as well. Teach your child to wash their hands after they use the restroom, before and after they eat, as well as after they sneeze or cough. Using soap and warm water is the best way to keep your child’s hands clean since both are known to kill more germs and bacteria. The more your child sees you washing your hands, the more likely they are to do it too.

Make Sure Their Vaccines Are Up To Date

Some schools require children who attend to stay up to date on their vaccines. While getting them isn’t the most fun activity, they prevent your child’s body from acquiring any dangerous illnesses or diseases. When you get a vaccine, it injects a little tiny bit of the virus into your system so your body can recognize it and build up immunity to it in case it comes back. Children are bound to get sick, so getting your child vaccinated is a great way to help build up their immunity to it.

Provide Them With Healthy Food

Just like a car, your child’s body needs fuel to run properly. Foods high in Vitamin C like oranges and grapefruits are immune system boosters. Eating a good amount of foods rich in Vitamin C keeps sickness at bay. It’s also important to eat a balanced diet of other foods including vegetables, dairy, grains, and food rich in protein. When your child is eating a balanced diet, they’ll feel better and more energized when going about their day. Implementing healthier foods into your child’s daily routine could be as easy as giving them foods from different food groups each meal.

Setting Earlier Bedtimes

If your child is prone to getting sick, setting an early bedtime is a great way to combat colds. When your child is sleeping, their body uses it as an opportune time to make any repairs or fight off any viruses in your system. The more sleep they get, the more likely they are to be happier and healthier. For elementary school kids, an 8 P.M. bedtime is a good place to start.

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Further Your Child’s Education At St. Cecelia

St. Cecelia Catholic School is a healthy and safe environment for your children to get the higher education they deserve. Want to know more about St. Cecelia’s health requirements? Read about the health requirements in the Parent-Student Handbook.  Prepare them for life outside of school and into the real world with their IB Program. Call St. Cecelia at (727) 461-1200 or contact us online today.

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