College Success And International Baccalaureate School

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Children who attend IB schools are expected to study and self-learn. They are expected to shape their own studies and learn to be global citizens. So how does that translate into them being successful college students? At St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School, we utilize the IB curriculum model. This blog discusses how IB programs benefit students and prepare them for college education.

IB Programs And Study Skills

IB programs rely on the student to drive their own learning. They are responsible for selecting their areas of study, learning a variety of skills, form time-management, to self-motivation. IB students are expected to have healthy attitudes toward learning. They are meant to take action, understand responsibility, and behave properly in classrooms. IB students also understand how to present themselves in a classroom environment, and are eager to learn. Students are expected to make connections between subjects, and are expected to understand why the things they learn are important to them. These expectations lay the foundation for success in college because IB students are already primed and prepared to study hard, motivate themselves, interact with others politely, and manage their time wisely.

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IB Programs And College Success

IB students have high graduation rates. They typically graduate from a four-year college successfully, with a bachelor’s degree in their intended field. Since IB classes are often times considered more challenging, collages may look at those courses and note that they are difficult, therefore showing that the applicant has a firm grasp on the course. Note as well that schools that implement IB programs often offer a range of extra-curricular activities, which can help students to have more involvement to show on their college application.

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