How You Can Help Your Child Adjust To A New School

Child’s first day at a new school

Whether it’s in your control or out of your control, your child may have to change schools in the middle of the school year. Going to a new school where your child doesn’t know anyone can be a difficult adjustment. In this blog, St. Cecelia discusses how parents can help make their child’s transition to a new school easier.

Tour The School Before The First Day

One of the most common fears your child may have about starting at a new school is not knowing how the layout of the building is set up. A great way to ease their nerves about their new environment is by taking them to tour their new school before they start attending. This gives them time to ask any questions they may have and get familiar with their surroundings.

Get Them Involved

Getting your child in the groove of the school environment helps them stay involved and up to date on current events. Encourage your child to try out for sports or join an after-school club so they can meet new people. Finding other children they share common interests with is a good way to initiate a conversation and start making friends.

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Send Your Child To School Prepared

One of the most uncomfortable situations a child can be in is arriving to school unprepared for the day. Forgetting a notebook or pencils can leave them feeling embarrassed to ask for a replacement. Before your child’s first day of school, make sure they have everything they need to succeed on their first day. Discuss with their teacher what school supplies they’ll need and get any remaining supplies they don’t have. New school supplies can make a child feel confident and ready to conquer the first day.

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Take Them Their First Day

Finally, before they step foot in their new school, your child may feel less nervous if you’re right beside them. Something as simple as dropping them off on their first day lets them know that they aren’t alone in this process. Although you can’t be with them in class, you’ll be there to fully support them before and after school if they need help.

Make Your First Day Start At St. Cecelia

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