How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

Mother reading to young toddler

It can be difficult to motivate a child to read books if they don’t enjoy reading. Children who read are more likely to do better in school, seek out new information, and develop better problem solving-skills if they read for just 15 minutes a day. In this blog, St. Cecelia gives some tips on how to encourage your child to read.

Read To Your Child

Some children have a difficult time reading if they have to do it by themselves. Sometimes it requires just a little interaction to get a child to understand the joys of reading. If your child is needing some motivation, start out by reading their books to them and switching roles every few pages. This helps get the child excited by adding voices to their favorite characters and showing them that you enjoy reading as well. After they’ve mastered reading with you, they’ll feel more confident taking on the task by themselves.

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Schedule Designated Reading Time

If reading isn’t in your child’s daily schedule, they may not implement it as much as they should. When your child is finished with homework, schedule them to at least do 20-30 minutes of fun reading at night. If they wish to do more, then great! By adding this to their daily routine, students are more likely to participate if it’s on their to-do list every night.

Take Trips To The Library

If your home has a limited amount of books, or your child is bored with reading the same ones, take them to the library. The library usually has some type of reading challenge or programs that encourage kids to read with the promise of a reward. The library also always has new books coming in daily to excite your child with new reading material. Libraries have thousands of books and there will always be something new there for them to explore.


If your student is struggling to find the excitement in reading, providing a little incentive every week is a great way to get them interested. If your child reads their required reading time every day for a week, take them out to ice cream or buy them a new book so they can continue racking up their reading time.

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Explore A New Book Series

Sometimes a student may not be interested in reading because they haven’t found a book or series that interests them. If your child is struggling to find a topic that fits their needs, start by asking them questions to see what they like to read about. Once you’ve established what genre they like, find some book series that fit their criteria. While your child may enjoy reading, sometimes all they need is to find a good book that really captures their interests.

Improve Your Child’s Reading At St. Cecelia

Whether you’re looking to improve your child’s reading level or fuel their love for reading, St. Cecelia values giving children the opportunity to explore their passions in the classroom.  Contact us online today or call us at (727) 461-1200 to learn how you can elevate your child’s interest in reading today!

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