Ways To Keep Your Child Learning Over The Summer

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While summer break is a time for fun, it’s also the time of year where children lose the most information. By the time the next school year begins, children have lost a majority of what they learned the previous year. St. Cecelia Catholic School has some ideas on how to keep your child learning over the summer by keeping their brains busy.

Watch Educational Movies

Some days are just too unbearably hot or rainy to go outside and play. A great alternative on these summer days is watching movies. There are all kinds of different movies out there that are entertaining to watch and, at the same time, educational. Some are even free to watch online! Surf the web or even your local library to find new and educational films your child can watch. They can definitely learn something from them.

Try Computer Games

If your child loves everything technology and loves playing on the computer or phone, try getting them involved in computer games or educational websites. There are millions of websites and games designed to enhance your child’s skills in particular subjects. Some include math games, word games, puzzles, trivia, and more. Before you let your child on the computer, make sure you preview the websites they’re on before you release them to play!

Encourage A Summer Reading Program

Public libraries always put on summer reading programs to encourage your child to keep reading over the summer. They may even invite authors or readers to come read their books. By reading a certain amount of books over the summer, your child can win prizes and even new books. If your child loves to read, or you think they should read more, see if they’ll enjoy this kind of program.

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Enroll Them In A Summer Camp

Looking to get your child out of their comfort zones? Summer camps are a great place to send your child if you’re wanting them to learn a new skill or simply have fun! There are science camps, math camps, and even writing retreats you can send your child to to practice a specific new or favorite skill.

Take Them Outside

The best place to learn is the outdoors! There are many opportunities for your child to pick up new information just by simply observing nature. Take a trip to a local park or take your child camping or hiking. These are great ways to get your child familiar with nature.

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