Public or Private Preschool? Which Is Right for Your Child?

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Choosing a preschool or pre-k program for your child is another in a long list of critical choices you must make for your child. One area many parents tend to get stuck on is whether they should choose a public or private preschool. While both have their benefits, we believe the private pre-k program we offer at St. Cecelia is superior. In today’s blog we’ll explain why.

Why Enroll Your Child in Preschool?

Your child’s education is the bedrock of their development. Preschool helps your child begin the process of developing the social, cognitive, and physical skills that will help them face what lies ahead. Preschool provides your child the opportunity to get a jumpstart on their education and development at an early age.

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Public vs. Private Preschool?

Now that we have established that preschool is important, the question of which type to choose remains. We believe that private preschool is much better suited for developing children than public preschool. There are multiple reasons for this. First, our pre-K curriculum is specifically designed to help your child develop a well-rounded base on which they can build their future learning. 

We feature Spiritual Formation, Language Arts, Math, Science, Spanish, Art, Physical Education, Music, Emotional Development, and Social Responsibility. Our program is designed to prepare your child for the Common Core State Standards for their educational development as well as the Diocesan Standards for their spiritual development. 

While public schools prepare children academically and socially, our private preschool will engage your child spiritually. Every day we take time to learn lessons from the Bible, so your child will learn God’s word and how to apply those lessons to their life.

Our small class sizes, incredible teachers, and friendly, inclusive environment are uniquely intertwined to give your child the attention and support they need. We believe education is about engaging your child. Children are encouraged to participate, learn about themselves, and be respectful of their classmates.

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Enroll Your Children at St. Cecelia Catholic Church Today

If you are looking for the ideal place to begin your child’s education, consider visiting St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School today. We encourage all interested parents to visit our campus and tour our facilities. Reach out to our team at 727-461-1207 or by emailing today.

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