How Is Play Important for Childhood Development?

Children playing soccer at recess

Children begin learning the fundamentals of playing when they are just a few weeks old. Some children enjoy playing games for fun, while other children will jump rope or play sports as a form of recreation. Being able to play and have fun is an intrinsic part of a child’s upbringing. Allowing children the opportunity to play as they’re growing up can help them acquire important traits in the future. St. Cecelia lists a few reasons why giving children time to play is valuable.

Allowing Children to Try New Things

Class time is generally not the ideal place for children to experiment with new behaviors and activities. Teachers are required to follow a lesson plan and proceed with the teachings as expected. Giving children the opportunity to play during recess allows them to try out new activities that may not be offered at home or in the classroom. Outside of school, kids may not have access to playground equipment or items like footballs or a tetherball court. Having an allotted time where children can be themselves and experiment with new forms of amusement can have a positive impact.

Exercising Problem Solving Skills

Games like tag or four square all have the same objective: to win. Competitive games like this involve problem-solving and practice in order to beat the odds. While problem-solving is used inside the classroom for daily assignments, exercising these skills in a social setting is important as well. Your child will be able to peacefully solve issues in many different settings throughout their life. Children may not be able to build this skillset without working outside of a classroom in a playful environment.

Allowing Kids to Be Creative

Finally, playtime gives kids the platform to be creative. Kids can come up with crazy things when they’re left to their imagination and use it to come up with new games and ideas. Children can be incredibly clever, but they don’t always get the opportunity to apply what they’ve created or invented in a classroom setting. Recess and playtime allow them to let loose and experiment with their surroundings.

Balance Work and Play at St. Cecelia

While playtime is recreational, it is a building block for establishing skills such as confidence, flexibility, and positive interaction with other children. Through playtime, your child will be able to develop these skills and use them as they get older. St. Cecelia private school teaches your child in the classroom and allows them time to be themselves and use their creative abilities in play. Call us at 727-461-1200, or visit our admissions page for more information.

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