Get an Early Start With Private Pre-K3 Education

Young girl learning to readFor parents looking to get the most out of their child’s education, a Pre-K3 education at a private school like St. Cecelia Catholic School can be incredibly beneficial. With Florida’s VPK program, access to a private Pre-K3 has never been more available. Learn why your child could benefit from enrollment at St. Cecelia Catholic School below.

Access for Children of All Backgrounds Equates to Diverse Classrooms

With Florida’s VPK program, children from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to education in the same classrooms. This isn’t just a benefit to students from less advantaged backgrounds; the ability to learn in classrooms that are diverse in both race and income-level is beneficial to every student. Cultural and racial tolerance and understanding are lessons that every preschool child can benefit from. The ability to interact and grow alongside children from different backgrounds is an incredible advantage for every student.

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Children Who Begin Schooling Early Perform Better Throughout Their Education

Children who attend a private preschool get access to the very best education from a young age. This foundation of learning enables children to achieve higher education and career goals compared to peers who do not attend pre-K3. Students who attend early childhood education have been found to have higher career earnings compared to those who do not. Simply put, quality Pre-K3 education results in more success for your child later in life.

Not All Preschool Programs Are the Same

Choosing the right preschool is a crucial component of the above benefits. A well-implemented curriculum and an emphasis on quality educators are essential to your child’s success. At St. Cecelia Catholic School, we have implemented the only private Pre-K3 International Baccalaureate program in Pinellas County. As the IB program is perhaps the most prestigious education program in the world, you can be sure your children will achieve a well-rounded, thorough education at St. Cecelia. 

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Enroll Your Child in Private Pre-K3 at St. Cecelia Catholic School

St. Cecelia Catholic School is the ideal place for children of any background to get a head start on their education. We have the teachers, the tools, and the background to help your student develop the character and life skills to thrive in high school, college, and beyond. Contact our team today to learn more about our curriculum, admission policy, and academic quality.

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