How St. Cecelia’s Pre-K3 Program Helps Children Prepare for Elementary School

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St. Cecelia wants your child to be prepared for elementary school. That’s why we believe a fun, exciting, and rewarding Pre-K3 program is vital to your child’s love of learning later in life! Today’s blog discusses why you should consider enrolling your child in St. Cecelia’s Pre-K3 program.

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Students Who Enroll in Pre-K3 Thrive in Elementary School

Your child’s brain is undergoing significant growth and changes before their fifth birthday. Children who attend high-quality preschool do much better when they reach kindergarten because they are learning how to learn. Children are developing their ability to be attentive in their early years. A structured learning program during these formative years helps to foster these abilities as they develop. These skills will remain important for the rest of their lives — and Pre-K3 is an excellent way to help your child become an accomplished learner.

Pre-K3 Promotes a Love of Learning

One of the best ways to help your child’s education is to instill a love of learning. The Pre-K3 curriculum at St. Cecelia is designed to be both fun and effective. We want our early education to be entertaining for our students. With collaborative learning and teachers trained to keep your child engaged — you can be sure your child will enjoy their education at St. Cecelia. 

Early Education Helps Your Child Learn Social Skills

One of the biggest adjustment factors kindergarteners have to overcome is the social aspect of classroom learning. Many children, especially only children, find it difficult to remain engaged with their curriculum when around groups of other children. Pre-K3 helps your student become accustomed to the social aspect of group learning, helping them make a smooth transition to elementary school.

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Enroll at St. Cecelia Today

If you are ready to kickstart your child’s education, consider enrolling them in St. Cecelia’s Pre-K3 program today. Our curriculum, educators, and facilities combine to create an excellent learning environment for any young student. Contact our staff today at 727-461-1200 to learn more.

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