St. Cecelia Catholic School Shares Winter Reads to Keep Your Child Learning

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St. Cecelia Catholic School in Clearwater, Florida, wants you and your family to have a safe winter. Even though it’s warm outside, you and your family may be spending more time indoors this season. To that end, we’ve got a list of some great reads for your children in today’s blog from St. Cecelia Catholic School.

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The Tuttle Twins Series

The Tuttle Twins series follows Ethan and Emily as they learn about economics in our modern world. The books are both fun and educational, and they’re geared for children ages 6 to 10. There are 11 books in the series, and all of them stand alone if you prefer to have your children read about some concepts compared to others. 

Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew

The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew books were originally written in the 1930s. Some of them have been updated to modern standards to have a broader appeal to children today. They’re fun books that teach kids about what it takes to solve a mystery.

The Hardy Boys feature two brothers, Frank and Joe, who are sleuths who solve mysteries all over their hometown. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew is a teenage girl doing some sleuthing on her own. Older elementary kids and younger middle school students at St. Cecelia Catholic School will love these mystery novels.

Jan Brett’s Series of Winter-Based Books

Jan Brett creates beautiful illustrations for her children’s books. She features classic winter settings filled with snow, furry creatures, and magical places. Look for The Hat, Three Snow Bears, Cozy, Annie and the Wild Animals, and Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella are among many, many others with a winter theme. St. Cecelia Catholic School recommends these books for pre-K to early elementary schoolers.

Our Boy

Our Boy is about 10-year-old Jackie, orphaned during World War II. He lives with his adoptive family, but they are poor. Jackie grew up in a life of privilege. But he feels drawn to his adoptive family who is holy, spiritual, and lives in faith with a close relationship to God. It’s definitely for older kids, ages 10 to 14. Our Boy teaches about materialism versus spiritual wealth. 

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St. Cecelia Catholic School & Reading

The staff at St. Cecelia encourages you to assist your child’s love of learning by reading with them or showing them great books to read. Do you have any questions for us? Contact St. Cecelia online or call (727) 461-1200 for more details.

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