Prepare For The On-Coming School Year Successfully With St. Cecelia Catholic School

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The new school year is a pivotal time in a child’s life for new teachers, experiences, and classmates alike. Coming into change is a nerve-racking feeling at times, and for parents, the feelings of anxiety are just as strong. Adequate preparation for the new year prepares you and your child for success. In today’s blog, St. Cecelia Catholic School offers parents helpful techniques for preparing their child to begin a new school year. 


Check For a Recommended Supply List


Preparing school supplies ahead of time reduces stress and creates efficiency. Most online school sites offer a back-to-school list with the proper attire and school equipment like wide-ruled paper or No.2 pencils. St. Cecelia Catholic School requires students to wear a school uniform. Double-check the recommended list to ensure your child has the proper clothing. Getting prepared early will help you as a parent and fill your child with eagerness to return to school. Encourage your child as they  develop skills of independence by allowing them to pick out their own pens and construction paper colors. Your child will feel more included in their back-to-school process.


Encourage Your Child About the Upcoming Year 

The new year means post-summer blues and seasonal nostalgia. Talking to your child about the upcoming year and getting them excited is an ideal step to prevent first-day reluctance and get them bolting out of bed. Converse with your child about making new friends, the excellent subjects they will learn in school, and the thrill of returning to new tools and technologies they will utilize in the classroom. This gives them something to look forward to in the upcoming days. 


Help Your Child Get Familiar With Their Surroundings


After a long and unprecedented year of home-schooling for many students, returning to school will feel like a new experience. Whether your child is attending a new school or going back to their previous institution, helping them familiarize with their surroundings will help settle those first-day butterflies.  Anxiety surrounding small events, such as finding their classes on time, will decrease. Maybe take a walk around the playground to get acquainted with their new natural environment. At St. Cecelia Catholic school your child will experience a home away from home centered around holistic learning and educational teachings. 


Meet the Teacher or Attend Orientation Together


Teacher meet-and-greets acquaint your children with their teacher for the new year. This interaction also helps the teacher recognize a familiar face by name on the first day. Talking to the instructor beforehand preps them on what to expect of your child and how to handle any adverse situations should they arise. Once the student and teacher meet, a form of trust develops between the two, offering flexibility for the teacher to better conduct class. At St. Cecelia, we ensure teachers are well-prepared, so your child and their classmates get the most out of their learning experience. 


Create Helpful Morning Habits 


Start building new habits early, like moving bedtime back a little earlier if the children stayed up late during the summer. Removing recreational devices at night will get them used to the transition, making adjusting to a new morning routine less difficult. 


Get Prepared For the New Year With St. Cecelia Catholic School 


At St. Cecelia, we plan to roll out the new year to challenge and advance your child’s learning for success in their future academics. We offer an International Baccalaureate Program designed to foster personal development, character building, and more. For more information, contact St. Cecelia online or call (727) 461-1200 if you have any questions.


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