Fall Activities To Look Forward To, St. Cecelia Catholic School

pumpkins with small hands cleaning them

One of the most incredible things to look forward to following the summer months is the seasonal shift to Autumn. Fall months bring changing leaves, cooler temperatures, tasty flavors, and holidays with loved ones. Fall is one of our favorite times of the year at St. Cecelia, because of all the new and exciting fall activities to look forward to. Today’s blog talks about fall activities to try with your family in general and if you are a Tampa Bay, Florida local.


Leaf Jumping 


If you live in big cities where leaves fall and abundantly cover the earth in beautiful yellow, brown, and red tones, leaf jumping is a fun activity for families and children to try. Gather bundles of leaves together and pile them as high as you can by creating large mounds. Once you finish gathering leaves it’s time to grab a friend and jump! Feel the crunch of the leaves and watch the pile spread across the fields. Take precautions when you are jumping in leaves. Ensure you are wearing clothing that covers your arms and legs, and have fun! 


Pumpkin Carving 

If you are a fan of pumpkin carving, then Fall is the perfect time for families to join group pumpkin picking and carving contests. There are local pumpkin patches near St. Cecelia Catholic School in Tampa Bay, Florida. These fields are full of giant, minor, or irregular-shaped pumpkins. Take a picture of your pumpkin creation and bring it to school the next day to show your classmates your family adventures. 


Pumpkin Flavored Baking

The best thing about Fall, pumpkins, and pumpkin carving is pumpkin-flavored everything! Eat pumpkin pies with your loved ones, bake pumpkin seeds or whip up some pumpkin puree for a sweet treat. It only comes around for a short time of the year, so indulge and enjoy your pumpkin dishes. Be careful, not too much, or you’ll turn into one! 


Fall Socials

Gathering with your community and attending seasonal events is a fun time for all to enjoy. Horse rides and fairs are part of fall activities, so explore upcoming events in your local area if you are a Tampa Bay, Florida resident; here is a list of fun fall activities to attend for the 2021 year.  


Fall Activities With St. Cecelia Catholic School 


At St. Cecelia Catholic School, we take pride in our community and aim to create a well-rounded environment for our students in and out of the classroom. For upcoming events hosted by our school, click the News and Events tab to learn more. Contact St. Cecelia online or call (727) 461-1200 for more details for additional information on our school programs and registration applications. 

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