How Pre-K Schools Prepare Children for a Bright Educational Future

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Pre-k school programs offer many benefits to their participating children, which can build a foundation for their growth as a person and student. Pre-k schools are monumental for what they provide to children, as they help pave the way for a bright educational future. 

In today’s blog, St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School outlines how preschool programs benefit its students and prepare them for the future. 

Pre-K Schools Help Social and Emotional Development

As children become more independent by age 3, they become more robust and secure in their own sense of identity. Because of this, kids will begin to play with their peers in a way that involves more interaction, rather than playing individually and sitting side-by-side. 

It is beneficial for pre-k aged children to experience these types of social interactions, as they will recognize that not everyone thinks or behaves in the same way. These experiences will also lead to children creating friendships that provide a vital boost to their self-esteem. All of these experiences occur every day when your child is enrolled in a pre-k school. A benefit of students attending a catholic pre-k school includes foundational spiritual development, as kids learn basic concepts surrounding their faith.

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Pre-K Schools Help Teach Kids to Follow Directions

As pre-k school attendance contributes to a child’s social and emotional development, this experience also helps children respond positively to authority figures by following directions. 

Students who attend preschool are put into more situations where they are expected to follow the guidance of a superior, potentially for the first time in regards to someone who is not a parent. This alone is a great experience that can build trust between your child and future authority figures, such as teachers, coaches, and additional school staff. 

Pre-K students are Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond

Studies show that children who attend a preschool demonstrate stronger academic and executive function skills versus children who did not participate in a pre-k school. This creates momentum in a child’s academic career, as students enrolled in a pre-k program are taught pre-literacy and pre-math skills that develop even further in kindergarten. 

Well-developed social and emotional skills also translate well into kindergarten, as students are already comfortable relating to and engaging with their new classmates.  

St. Cecelia Pre-K School in Clearwater, FL

St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School offers a high-quality preschool program with a curriculum designed to develop a student’s foundational building blocks of learning. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where each child’s strengths are fostered and developed. 

Contact us today for more information, to schedule a tour, or find out about our preschool program availability.

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