How to Make a Great Study Environment at Home

girl working on homework with iPad

For some parents, it might feel incredibly difficult to get their children motivated and ready to complete their nightly homework or studies. Did you know that the space within your home where your students study can make a huge impact on their focus and productivity? In today’s blog, St. Cecelia offers great ways to help you create the perfect study environment for your children. 

Maximize Use of Lighting

Light is an important factor in creating a great study environment for your children at home. Studies have shown that people who spend more time in natural light than in artificial light are more alert, focused, and productive. Natural light also helps the space to feel more lively and warm, which can greatly help a child as they spend time studying. If a source of natural light is not available in the space your child uses to study, a soft light lamp could be a great addition, especially if your student enjoys reading and studying in the evenings. 

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Organize All Essential Items

You would never begin cooking a meal, cleaning a room, or repairing a car unless you had assembled all of the essential tools that help you complete the task. The same goes for studying! By making study tools easily accessible, your student will not waste precious time or attention, as constantly searching for these items can be a source of distraction. As you gather all of these items, make sure you find a home for each study tool in a neat and organized way. A cluttered table or desk can also hurt someone’s ability to focus, so keeping your child’s study space organized is important. 

Keep It Comfortable

A great study environment is comfortable…but not too comfortable. By having a comfortable desk, chair, table, or whatever furniture you decide to use for your child’s study space, you ensure that this is a space they will want to consistently come back to when they need to finish homework, study for an upcoming test, or simply read a book. However, making the space too comfortable can lead kids to feel sleepy or distracted. Make sure that your student’s study environment is comfortable enough so that they enjoy their study time, yet they also know that this place is for study and task completion.  

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