Best Ways Prepare Your Child the Night Before School

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The night before school starts, the best thing you can do for your child is to help prepare them for success. By preparing as much as you can the night before, you also help yourself by facilitating a stress-free and relaxing morning, since many necessary tasks are already completed. 

In today’s blog, St. Cecelia explains some of the best ways to prepare your child for school, all before their school day even begins. 

Complete Simple Tasks the Night Before 

You can create a smooth, easy, and stress-free morning, By making sure your child is as prepared as possible the night before school. Here are some items to prep the night before:

  • Packing their bag with all essential items
  • Making a simple and nutritious lunch the night before
  • Ensuring all homework and projects are completed and ready
  • Laying out their clothes or school uniform

By completing as many of these simple tasks as possible, you are setting yourself and your child up for success! 

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Help Inspire Excitement 

Some students fight feelings of anxiety before school, especially on Sunday evenings as they return to a full week of classes and extracurricular activities. Whether or not this describes your student, finding ways to get them excited about their upcoming school week can ease their worries. 

Remind them of upcoming events, activities, sports competitions, or even family outings. 

Stick with a Sleep Rhythm

A regular sleep schedule goes a long way in preparing a student for a successful time at school. “Sticking with a sleep rhythm” means having your child go to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning. 

Another way to help your child sleep well is to limit their technology use and light exposure, as significant time on devices or watching TV right before bed can make it harder for them to fall asleep easily. 

St. Cecelia in Clearwater, FL 

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