Crusader Cash Raffle Drawing

Raffle begins September 18th and ends November 9th

Crusader Cash Raffle Drawing

Monday through Thursday winners receive $300. Friday winners receive $1,000.
Winner of final drawing receives $5,000.

Winning tickets are re-entered into daily drawings, so the purchase of one $10
ticket could offer up to 39 chances to win! That’s only 25 cents each day of the raffle!

100% of the raffle proceeds directly benefit the children of St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School, so your purchases are greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions contact Rachel Lyon at

Additional tickets available for sale in the front office.

List of Winners

9/18  Colleen Flynn  $300
9/19  Berta Penabades  $300
9/20  Mike Dillon $300
9/21  Tom Helsip  $300
9/22  Lauren Carruthers $1,000
9/25  Janise Rick $300