How To Prepare Your Child For School The Night Before

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Mornings can be hectic for parents running on a tight schedule. If you’re in charge of preparing your child for school every day, you’re bound to forget something every now and then. It can be anything from their homework to their school lunch. If you’re scrambling to get your child ready in the morning, St. Cecelia has some tips on how to prepare your child for school the night before.

Make Sure Their Homework Is Complete

Making your child work on their homework the night before can really free up your morning. Homework can take up a lot of time during the night. Imagine having to do an hour’s worth of homework the morning before school! Stressful right? By encouraging your child to complete their homework the night before, this ensures they have enough time to work on it and that it can be ready to turn in the next day.

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Pack Their School Bag

Has your child ever forgotten their notebook, pencils, or even their homework? If so, it was most likely because they packed their schoolbag last minute. When you try to do things in a hurry, you’re bound to forget something. When your child is finished with their homework and everything else for the night, be sure to tell them to put everything away in its spot. This way, they can grab their bag and go in the morning.

Lay Out Their Clothes

Picking out what to wear in the morning can be the biggest time-waster. If your child never knows what to wear or can’t make a decision in a timely fashion, have them pick and lay out their clothes the night before. They’ll have more time to figure out what they want to wear and not be rushed.

Plan Breakfast And Lunches

The most important meals of any student’s day is breakfast! If a child isn’t well fed before they get to school, they can have issues paying attention in class and performing their tasks. While you may not be able to cook every breakfast the night before, meal-planning is a great time saver. By the time you get up in the morning, you already know what you’ll be making for breakfast. For lunches, you can also pack those the night before if your child doesn’t eat school lunches.

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