We are currently accepting applications for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years.  Spaces are limited in certain grades so apply NOW!

The admissions office is open daily from 8am to 4pm and can be reached by calling 727-461-1207 or by emailing Maryanne Del Monte at

“My husband & I went to an open house at St. Cecelia School and immediately felt the warmth and sense of safety the school provided. We were aware of its strong tradition of academic excellence but were most impressed with the students we encountered. They were friendly, bright, self-confident and well-spoken. We knew we wanted our children to develop the same characteristics as the students we met that day.”


-Parent Testimonial

“Believe in what St. Cecelia’s is trying to instill within you. They are trying their best to make you the most incredible person you can possibly be. They want to see you succeed in every way you can, but you have to be a part of that success. You have to work on the skills that they are giving to you. You have an amazing opportunity and a leg up on many other students your age just by the shear fact that you are at an institution which cares so deeply about making you the best. Don’t squander the amazing opportunity that your parents and loved ones have struggled so hard to provide you with.”


-Alumni Testimonial

“A Catholic school education is worth the time and investment for our children and grandchildren.  I heartily encourage you to consider registering your school-age children or grandchildren at St. Cecelia Catholic School: A Christ-centered, faith-filled Catholic community, serving others with compassion, committed to high academic standards, and striving toward life-long learning.”


-Father Tim

St. Brendan Parish, Clearwater

Welcome to Admissions
We are very pleased that you are considering St. Cecelia School for your child’s education and encourage you to visit our campus. Tours can be scheduled by calling (727) 461-1207 or by emailing


Excellence in education has long been the hallmark of St. Cecelia School with outstanding programs being offered in all core subjects. It is the hope of the school to go beyond teaching just the fundamentals and to develop a student that excels in a multitude of things. Adding to the quality of the curriculum are programs in religion, gifted enrichment, art, music, drama, technology, foreign language and physical education. St. Cecelia School also offers many extracurricular activities including green team, year book, school newspaper, choir, drama club, competitive sports, glee club, golf club and cheerleading club to enhance a student’s overall educational experience.


The mission statement of St. Cecelia School has as its foundation Hearts to God, Minds to Learning and Talents to Service, a true testament of a well-rounded student. It is the hope of the school to develop a student who is respectful, caring and civic minded.


We hope you will take a moment to spend time visiting our website and come to see that we are a school where imagination and faith flourish.

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