School Habits Your Child Should Be Practicing

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Developing good study habits at a young age can be beneficial in many circumstances. It can benefit your child by:

  • Teaching them to avoid procrastination
  • Helping them gain motivation
  • Encouraging hard work
  • Freeing up valuable time
  • Preparing them for the working world

St. Cecelia Catholic School gives some recommendations on the most valuable study skills and school work ethic your child should be practicing.

Finishing Their Homework Early

Homework can take up much of a student’s free time during the school year. By waiting too long to finish assignments they can fall behind and potentially miss due dates. Encouraging your child to get their work done early can free up potential time for later activities such as hanging out with friends or even getting a head start on other assignments.

Studying For Tests A Week Before

Cramming is never a good habit to develop. When a child crams for a test, they aren’t really taking in or learning any of the material, they’re simply memorizing it for a short period of time. Maybe not even long to remember before the actual test. When your child knows the date of a test, they should start studying at least a week before depending on the difficulty of the subject. Even studying for just thirty minutes a day for a week before the test will help your child familiarize themselves with the material. The more they look at the information, the more likely they are to remember it.

Asking For Help When They Need It

It’s not always easy admitting that you need help. Some people may say it’s a sign of weakness or admitting to failure, but that’s not the case! Asking for help is a great way to get the assistance your child needs before it’s too late! Whether they’re struggling with a specific question or an entire subject, asking for help is a smart way to get the help you need to help make you better.

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Get Rid Of Any Distractions

If your child is working on homework or long term assignment in a distracting environment that time may not be very productive. When your child is ready to work on homework, make sure any potential distractions are turned off and made unavailable to your child. If they have the tendency to text during homework time, take away their phone until they’re finished. If they seem to always be looking at the TV while studying, turn it off until they’ve finished it. When their full attention is on a subject, you’d be surprised at how quickly they’ll get it done.

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