Back to School Tips for St. Cecelia Catholic School Students

St. Cecelia Catholic School Back to School

St. Cecelia Catholic School will be ready for the school year to start in August, even under these trying times. Our faculty and staff will make sure everyone is safe and secure in our collaborative learning environment. In today’s blog from St. Cecelia, we outline some tips and tricks for back to school.

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Develop a Routine

Develop a routine with your children, whether they’re going into kindergarten or their eighth-grade year. Set up routines for bedtime, breakfast, dinner, after-school snacks, and homework two weeks in advance of the first day of school. This will make the transition back to St. Cecelia more comfortable. Make arrangements for before- and after-school hours while you’re at work.

Double-Check School Supplies

Back to school planning involves more than just school supplies, but it’s important to have them ready on the first day of school. Pack them neatly into a box or bag, and help your child bring the supplies to their teacher first thing in the morning. 

Make It Fun

Make the night before the first day of Catholic school fun. Set out your child’s uniform, have them help you prepare lunch, check over the school supplies, and go over important information like the teacher’s name and where the classroom is. Consider making a special dinner the night before as a way to celebrate the return to school. Returning to school should be a happy time for everyone!

COVID-19 Supplies

St. Cecelia Catholic School will reopen as planned for the fall semester, per guidelines set forth by the state of Florida with regard to COVID-19. Consider disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes for your child if they’re old enough. Go over the proper way to use these extra supplies so they understand how to make the most effective use out of them. Hand sanitizer will still come in handy during the winter for cold and flu season.

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Welcome Back to St. Cecelia Catholic School

St. Cecelia Catholic School wishes you and your family well during these trying times. We hope your return to school is successful and stress-free! Contact St. Cecelia Catholic School for more information or if you have questions about the upcoming school year or our reopening plan. We can help ease the transition back to classes this fall.

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