Fun Outdoor Activities in Tampa for Nature Lovers by St. Cecelia

Outdoor family in tampa bay

Nature trails, river kayaking, or bird watching are all fun-therapeutic activities available right around your local corner. For nature lovers that enjoy the fresh outdoors and urban wildlife, Tampa Bay, Florida, is an ideal location guaranteed to provide learning, adventure, and nonstop fun. From scenic riverfronts to the Florida Aquarium, the whole family can enjoy many entertaining and educational activities together. At St. Cecelia Catholic School, we are strong advocates of nature and community. In today’s blog, these are a list of fun outdoor activities to try in Tampa Bay. 


Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park


Head over to Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park to see animals in their replicated environment and fun wildlife events. Home to over 1300 animals and awarded as one of the gorgeous botanical locations in Florida, this zoo creates long-lasting connections and unforgettable moments between animals and guests alike. Whether you enjoy feeding the wild animals or watching from afar, our professionals at St. Cecilia recommended taking in the views of this jungle venture that everyone will appreciate.  


The Upper Tampa Bay Trail


Do you enjoy seeing livestock during long bike rides? What about crossing wide wooden bridges suspended over a tranquil creek? If so, stop by the Upper Tampa Bay Trail to experience all the outdoors has to offer. Reputed as Tampa’s most iconic urban trail, Upper Tampa Bay is close to St. Cecilia Catholic School for families that enjoy local gems. The course is the perfect environment for families and kids to enjoy bike riding, rollerblading, jogging, and more. 




Zip Line With Empower Adventur


Experience the rush of the wind as you zip line over 100 feet in the air through treetops and nature preserves. Booking a ticket with Empower Adventures includes:

  • A 2-hour guided zip-line tour.
  • Challenging obstacle courses.
  • Five zip-lines 3,000 feet combined.

At St. Cecelia Catholic School, we appreciate Empower Adventure for their Youth Development Program designed to teach confidence, character building, and youth leadership, much like our school programs. 


Take a Trek Through the Woods


Hillsborough River State Park is more than meets the eye. This park offers numerous family-fun activities like camping, river rapids, and historical displays. Take a trek through the trails, picnic in the woods, or bike on the landscapes. No matter what leisure activity suits you, there’s something for everyone to love. 


Enjoy The Outdoors With St. Cecelia Catholic School


Here at St. Cecelia Catholic School, we believe in the power of nature vs. nurture for holistic development. Outdoor experiences are an essential part of education, encouraging freedom, expression, and youth independence. A well-rounded environment is critical to academic excellence and family bonding. Join the St. Cecilia family today and learn more about our school programs and curriculum; contact St. Cecelia online or call (727) 461-1200 if you have any questions.


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