How To Help Your IB School Student Come Back From Break In Full Swing

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With the winter holiday season coming to a close and the new school year beginning, some students can have difficulty adjusting to their regular routine – especially students in International Baccalaureate programs. In today’s blog, St. Cecelia’s Interparochial Catholic School offers some helpful insight for how you can help the IB student in your life come back from the winter break excited and ready to continue their studies!

Fun Activities to Look Forward To

For some students, coming back from the holiday break can bring about sad and disappointed feelings, as most students miss the perks that come with the holiday vacation, such as fun trips with the family and no homework. For IB students, it’s common not to feel fully ready for the academic semester ahead, especially as they remember the hours of homework and studying for final exams that led up to the much-needed holiday break.

You can help your IB student by organizing fun activities or events that they can look forward to as they start the new school year, which will occupy their minds away from feeling disappointed that the holidays are over. If there is a family activity they’ve wanted to do for a while, this might be the perfect time to set it up!

Give Something New

Surprise your IB student by rewarding them with something to celebrate their hard work and achievements so far into the academic year. For some students, this may look like new supplies, sports gear, or even a present that shows them you are proud of all of their accomplishments!

Talk About Goals

The new year is a great time to discuss the goals and aspirations that your IB student has. Discussions regarding their personal, academic, and future career goals are especially exciting. These conversations can help them focus on why their current academic semester is important for reaching those goals. Having encouraging discussions about the future with your students will help them feel supported and ready to return to school in full swing.

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St. Cecelia’s Catholic School’s IB Program

St. Cecelia Catholic School focuses on providing an excellent educational experience for IB students that includes fun activities, teaching positive values, and equipping students with the tools they need to succeed.

Our goal is to create a supportive academic environment that aids students and inspires family bonding. To be part of the St. Cecelia family today or learn more about our IB programs, contact us online or call (727) 461-1200.

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