A Beginner’s Guide to Middle School Robotics

Kids working on tablet to program robot

Robotics has become an increasingly popular and important field of study in schools across the United States and across the world. If you are unfamiliar with the subject but your child is interested in being part of a middle school robotics program, this guide is here to help. Below, you will find a basic explanation of robotics and how it can benefit your child’s education.

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What Is Robotics?

Robotics is a field of study that teaches students how to use programming, design, math, and science to create programs and machines to solve problems. Robotics is a huge part of STEM work and is used in all different types of job industries from manufacturing to medical and more.

What Do You Learn with Robotics?

The most obvious thing that will be learned in a robotics camp or course is robotics itself. How to program, design, and build robots are main focuses of any course. However, students will also learn about coding, electricity, design, and so much more as they learn how to create and build robots. Students will learn how to follow directions and create something tangible that can solve a specific problem.

How Can Middle School Robotics Help My Student?

Besides encouraging an interest in STEM fields, middle school robotics has a number of other benefits for students. A middle school robotics club or class helps your student be around other kids who are interested in the same subjects as they are, giving more opportunity for friendships to grow and develop. They will also learn creative problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and other important skills throughout the course. Plus, middle school robotics courses are a ton of fun!

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Get Involved with Middle School Robotics at St. Cecelia

If you have a student at St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School that is interested in middle school robotics, contact the office today for more information!

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