5 Ways To Keep St. Cecelia Children Learning During School Holidays

Mother and daughter examining item at museum

Holiday breaks are an enjoyable time for children to spend with their families, while everyone has time away from work and school. However, longer breaks mean more time away from school material. Your child may forget some of what they learned because they are away from the classroom for so long. Today, St. Cecelia provides some ways to keep your child learning over holidays breaks.

Take Them On Field Trips

Nothing is more educational and fun than taking children out into the world to learn and explore. Take them to interesting and educational places they will enjoy, such as museums, zoos, and the library. Exposing children to social and interactive situations outside of the classroom can stimulate new learning. Even small practical things can be learned on these outings, such as restaurant etiquette, traffic safety, and how to plan a schedule for a trip.

Start A Reading Schedule

While children may read every day in a classroom setting, when holiday breaks come around that daily reading routine may be put on pause. But does it have to? Get your child into a reading schedule over holiday breaks to continue their learning. For younger children, try to read to them at least once or twice a day. If they’re older, have them try to read a chapter book or two over the break. The library is a great place to start if you’re looking for books for your kids to dive into.

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Get Them In The Kitchen

Everyone enjoys a well-cooked meal, so why not bring your child into the kitchen? Holidays are a great time to practice your child’s cooking skills. You can get them involved in the cooking process, educate them about recipes and traditions, and help them explore new foods and ingredients.

Practice Their Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that students will use all the time in their daily lives, whether it’s to write a social media post or a term paper. Having your young child practice their writing skills can be as simple as helping them shape their letters. For higher level students, you can challenge them to write a summary about their favorite book or write their own creative story. Holiday breaks are a great opportunity to spend time together building writing skills.

Contact St. Cecelia Catholic School

It’s easy to lose touch with learning over holiday breaks. At St. Cecelia Catholic School, we believe there are many ways to learn new material. If you are interested in furthering your child’s education, call St. Cecelia at (727) 461-1200 or contact us online today.

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