4 Signs Your Child Might Need A Tutor

Little boy struggling with school work

While some students excel at school, others may be struggling to get passing grades. One of them may even be your child. St. Cecelia Catholic School looks at the warning signs that your child may not be performing well in school and need some extra tutoring help.

Your Child Stops Talking About School

One of the first warning signs may be that your child refuses to talk about school when you ask them about what they’re learning. They may try to push the focus away from them or even avoid the discussion.

School is usually an easy topic for children to discuss since they’re at school nearly the entire day and must have something to talk about. If your child doesn’t want to talk about school as a whole or certain subject, this may be a sign they aren’t performing well in these areas.

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Your Child’s Teacher Expresses Concern

It’s easy to dismiss one bad grade or homework score that your child may have received. If your child’s teacher starts expressing their concerns about your child’s work, it’s time to take action.

Your child spends nearly their entire day with their teacher meaning the teacher should be able to spot any areas your child may be having trouble with. If your child’s teacher starts communicating with you regularly about your student’s grades, consider hiring a tutor for your child.

They Spend A Long Amount Of Time On Homework

Younger children typically won’t be spending much time on homework if they understand it well enough. If you notice your child scrambling to get their homework done or spending long amounts of time during the night working on it, this might be a sign they need some help.

Look into the teachers’ homework policies to get an idea of how much work they’ll be receiving and the amount of time it should take your student to finish it. If the homework should only take them twenty minutes and it’s taking them an hour, they may benefit from the help of a tutor.

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