How To Prevent Procrastination

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As good as a kid may be, even the most accomplished students procrastinate once in a while. There may be a homework assignment they may not want to do, or a large project that seems like it’ll take hours to complete. Waiting till the last minute is never a good idea, as the student may not turn in their best work, or any work at all. St. Cecelia Catholic School has a few tips on how to beat procrastination so students can enjoy more free time.  

Complete Your Homework The Day You Receive It

Homework isn’t the most appealing task for a child, especially completing it in a timely fashion. However, the quicker your child get it done, the less time they have to worry about it. Every day after school, sit down with your child to look over what homework they have for the week. Encourage them to get it done the night of, and maybe treat them with a small reward when they do. The more they make this behavior a habit, the easier it will be to complete. Eventually, your child will start completing their homework the day they receive it with no reminder. 

Get Rid Of Distractions

Many times students wait till the last minute to finish their homework because of distractions they face throughout the day. Perhaps they get caught up watching television after school or playing with other electronics. When the distraction is eliminated, your child won’t have anything else to focus on but their homework. Placing an electronic ban is a tactic parents can use to make sure their child is finishing their work before playtime. When the work is done, the ban can be removed, and your child can continue playing.

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Be An Accountability Partner

Sometimes all your child needs is someone to keep them accountable for their actions. If you notice your child is putting off their homework, remind them that you know they have a due date coming. A reminder is usually all they need for them to get going and complete their assignment. 

Start Small

For bigger, more tedious projects, students may need more than just one day to complete their work. While it may seem like a large amount of work, encourage them to break the task up into a few small pieces. If they have to read 20 pages of a chapter book every week, see if they can read just five pages every night. Five pages seems a lot less daunting than 20 pages, doesn’t it? A task that is broken down seems a lot more manageable, making it easier to complete.  

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Improve Your Student’s Work Habits at St. Cecelia

At St. Cecelia Catholic School, students will learn to develop habits to help progress their education. Our goal is to prepare each student to become a life-long learner and inhabit skills such as being open-minded, creative, and critical thinking. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a school that will prepare them for college, contact us our admissions team at  727-461-1207.    

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