4 Things Causing Your Student to Feel Stressed

Student stressed at school

Stress and anxiety have become widespread in our society. But it’s not just adults who are experiencing stress at record levels — our children are too. The question that parents should be asking themselves is “Why?”

If we know the reasons our children are so stressed, we can begin to take measures to help them overcome it. Today, the St. Cecelia Catholic School team will discuss four causes of stress your student may be experiencing. 

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1 – Feeling Overworked

Many students report that they feel overworked from homework. Are students being saddled with more homework than ever before? Not necessarily. However, many students may be missing adequate organization and preparation skills to support their increasing workload. 

If it seems as if your child is feeling overworked, consider helping them develop a schedule they can follow to manage tasks in an orderly way. Help them create a program for tackling their homework. Set time aside each school day — perhaps an hour after school — to go over any materials they may have been assigned. 

2 – Not Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation is so prevalent today that it could have its own blog post. Many people theorize that the technological devices we have grown to love are costing us the sleep our bodies need. A lack of sleep makes it difficult for students to concentrate and learn effectively. Students who lack sleep may find themselves unable to perform to their expectations in class.

Parents are well aware of the difficulty of getting their children to bed at a reasonable time. Although it can be a struggle, it is imperative that children get enough sleep each night — 9 to 12 hours of sleep for children ages six to twelve; 8 to 10 hours of sleep for children ages thirteen to eighteen. Some parents have found success by establishing a regular bedtime and turning off electronic devices an hour before sleep. 

3 – A Lack of Downtime

Many students with busy schedules experience stress at higher levels, in large part because of a lack of time to unwind. While athletic programs and extracurricular activities are incredibly beneficial, too many added activities can negatively impact your student. 

While it’s not unusual for your child to want to participate in many activities, if your student is showing signs of stress, it may be a good idea to limit them to one or two of their favorite activities, allowing enough time to de-stress.

4 – Class Participation

One incredibly common source of stress for students is the fear of getting called on in class and having to speak in front of their peers. As public speaking is the most common phobia, many adults can empathize with this stress. 

If your child lets you know they experience this fear, there are a few steps you can take to help them overcome it. Acknowledge your child’s nervousness and let them know it’s perfectly normal. Have them practice in front of the family, so they become accustomed and more confident in their ability to speak in an academic manner. Help your student feel prepared. Don’t do assignments for them, help them understand concepts and they will be more comfortable discussing how they came to their conclusions. 

Discuss Strategies with the St. Cecelia Catholic School Staff

If your child is a student at St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly staff for assistance. We want your child to succeed more than anything, and we are always happy to discuss strategies with parents. If you are interested in finding a school as invested in your child’s future as you are, learn about the St. Cecelia difference and reach out for more information.

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