Learning to Study: Creating an Environment Where Your Child Can Concentrate

Elementary Schooler Studies at Home

Developing an ideal environment where a student can concentrate on learning is a difficult endeavor in some homes. Studies show that a dedicated space where students can concentrate helps them to absorb and retain the information they are studying. Today, the St. Cecelia team will discuss what you can do to improve your student’s learning environment at home.

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Minimize Distractions in a Dedicated Study Space

A busy or crowded area is not ideal for concentration, especially for a young learner. Try to find a dedicated area that is quiet to set up as a study space. Remove items that will distract your student, such as:

  • Video Games
  • Cell Phones
  • Television
  • Food/Drink
  • Toys

Make Sure the Study Space Has Everything They Need

Whether it is missing study materials, pencils, paper, or books, nothing knocks a student out of a study groove faster than having to get up to get something they need. Keep the necessities stocked in their study space to cut down on unnecessary distractions.

Make the Area Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

Obviously, you don’t want your child to be uncomfortable during the time they are studying. However, some settings are too comfortable for concentration. Lounging on a bed or relaxing in a recliner may not be conducive to serious studying with the necessary study materials. If a dedicated desk space isn’t available, consider a kitchen table, a sturdy coffee table, or even a folding card table dedicated to studying. 

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Keep The Study Space Consistent

Once you have established and prepared an area for your student to study, ensure the space is consistent as their dedicated workspace. If they are constantly required to adjust to a changing environment, they will have to take the time to get used to each study spot, and their studying success may be inconsistent. 

Furthermore, try to set aside a consistent “study time” for your learner. This will help them to develop a daily routine and form positive study habits early in life. 

Make St. Cecelia Catholic School a Resource

If your St. Cecelia student is having trouble with their at-home studying — reach out to the staff at St. Cecelia today. We’re always happy to help, and we will work with you and your child to ensure that they find success in their studies. Contact our team today at 727-461-1200 to get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from our parents!

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