Celebrate Easter at Home This Year: Making Easter Special for Kids During a Pandemic

Mom and Kids Coloring Easter Eggs

It’s a hard fact that the pandemic has caused a great deal of stress on our children.  Whether it’s fear of losing a loved one or experiencing loneliness due to isolation, the children have been unfortunate recipients of anxiety. 

Celebrating a beautiful holiday like Easter, however, doesn’t have to add to those feelings. Learn how doing a few simple things can eliminate stress and help your child enjoy the Easter season in today’s blog from St. Cecelia Catholic School in Clearwater, Florida.

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Virtual Creating 

Children love to create. It’s often how they express themselves. If you plan to decorate or bake for the season, this is a perfect way to allow them to do a little self-expression while creating some excitement for the season.  Doing these things on a Zoom call with other family members or friends can help build excitement and make the season feel a little more joyous and a lot less stressful. 

A little bit of construction paper can go a long way as you make colorful chains to adorn doorways. Or you can bake sugar cookies to decorate with icing and candy.

An egg tree is a great way to incorporate crafting with increasing Biblical knowledge and understanding. Take a branch from the yard and cement into a coffee can or other item. Take plastic eggs and fill the with symbols and gifts that represent parts of the Easter story. Hang with ribbon or string from the branches. Number the eggs and have the kids find the egg for the day. Open and discuss what that symbol means and how it can relate to them. This will keep Christ’s message ever-present in their daily lives, decreasing anxiety while increasing faith. 

Virtual Dining  

If your kids are used to having a lot of family and friends over for holidays, the absence can cause undue stress and anxiety. To ease that and make it feel more festive, host a virtual Easter dinner. The computer can be in the middle of the table or off to the side and conversations can take place as if the rest of the family was in the room. 

Don Your Best 

Part of the fun of the Easter season is dressing up. But celebrating at home with a few core family could mean jeans and T-shirts are the norm. We recommend taking an extra step to mark the special day by putting on a suit or that new dress. It will make everyone feel special and separate the moment from the rest of the week. 

Attend a Virtual Mass 

Attending a mass via Zoom may not be a new experience. Many churches have moved to online worship. Attending a virtual Easter mass will keep kids feeling the spirit of the season and continue the practice of their Catholic faith. Aside from strengthening their faith, this can assist in feelings of grounding and normalcy. 

St. Cecelia Catholic School Is Here for Your Family

The staff at St. Cecelia encourages you to take proactive steps to help your child reduce stress and deal with change while celebrating the Easter season. Contact St. Cecelia online or call (727) 461-1200 if you have any questions for us.

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