How Do Daycare and Preschool Differ?

Teacher working with preschool students in the classroom

When it’s time for your child to leave your side and start their education, you have two options — you can either enroll them in daycare or preschool. But are they really that different? Today, St. Cecelia discusses the similarities and differences between daycare and preschool.


Daycare centers accept children at a variety of ages, from infants to children as old as 10. They’ll get to socialize with older kids, and younger kids, as all of the children intermingle with one another. Daycare hours are quite flexible. While they do have set hours, you can drop your child off anytime during that time frame. This is perfect for parents who need an early drop-off or late pick-up. Most daycare facilities are open on some holidays and don’t have snow days, meaning your child will never be without care if you aren’t able to find a babysitter. Daycares do provide opportunities for classroom learning, but they mainly plan fun activities for kids to do during the day to keep their minds occupied.

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Preschools only enroll children from ages two to five. Children are separated into different rooms according to their age. All 2-year-olds are in their own class, just as all 5-year-olds are in their own class. Preschools are very similar to actual schools, so they are closed for the holidays and snow days. While there are plenty of playtime opportunities, teachers will provide more learning activities to stimulate your child’s mind.

One big difference between daycares and preschools is that your child must be potty trained to attend preschool. If your child is currently struggling with this, daycare may be the better option.

What Is the Better Choice?

There really is no wrong choice when it comes to picking a great daycare or preschool. They are quite similar, as they are operated under similar guidelines and certifications. If you are concerned about pricing, check around your area to see whether the costs are different depending on where you decide to send your child. 

Give Your Child Learning Experience at St. Cecelia

If you decide a Catholic preschool is right for your child, St. Cecelia has a wonderful program for your tyke. Our introductory course for preschoolers will focus on the beginning elements of spiritual growth, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, language learning, and more. Starting your child’s preschool education early will give them the tools to succeed later in life. Contact us today at our Clearwater, Florida, location at 727-461-1200 to learn more.

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