Pre-K 3 at St. Cecelia School | 3-year-old Class Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for the three year olds at St. Cecelia School is designed to promote the following: expand the child’s physical, social/emotional, and cognitive growth; encourage curiosity; and provide experiences of self and guided discovery in the learning process. These areas of growth and development are met through age-appropriate thematic explorations throughout the day.

Spiritual Formation

The religion program at St. Cecelia School focuses on the uniqueness of the individual: God is our loving Father, and Creator of all things; Jesus, God’s Son and our Friend; the Holy Spirit our source of strength and courage. Prayer is talking to God and is an integral part of the day. Typical prayers utilized daily include: morning-prayer, snack prayer, lunch prayer, Sign of the Cross, Prayer to My Guardian Angel, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. The curriculum is also enhanced with the Gospel Weeklies provided by Pflaum.

Language Arts

The language program is rich with activities and experiences that encourage listening and speaking. Language is enhanced through the use of discussions, nursery rhymes, finger plays, and stories. Vocabulary is developing rapidly, so letters, sounds and words are being introduced in a meaningful way. Students are encouraged to speak and ask questions. Oral reading is very important at this age. Students at St. Cecelia School are also given the opportunity to explore various genres of books.


The math program is concrete and filled with exploration opportunities and work with manipulatives. Students utilize various activities to identify shapes and sizes, recognize numbers, practice counting, and explore sorting and matching.


The science program is designed to encourage observation, comparison, exploration and problem-solving. Sorting objects from nature is an important science activity. Students are encouraged to further explore their environment through wonder and curiosity.

Social Studies

The social studies program begins with the individual child and the development of his/her self-esteem. Activities focus on learning about self, home, family and the immediate and larger community.


Students participate in a weekly Spanish class where they explore basic vocabulary terms including numbers, colors, days of the week, and prayers.

Media Center

Students visit the media center once per week for story time and nursery rhymes.


The art program allows for exploration, choice and imaginative expression.  Art activities include painting, cutting, coloring and gluing.  The emphasis is placed on the experience, rather than the process.  The class visits the art room with the art teacher once per week throughout the school year.

Music and Movement

Music and movement play an integral part of each day at St. Cecelia School through songs, dance, rhythm instruments, and choral recitation. The class visits the music room with the music teacher once per week throughout the school year.

Fine Motor Development

Small muscle activities include drawing and scribbling with crayons/markers, cutting with scissors, manipulating play dough, stringing beads, and putting together puzzles. These experiences assist children learning to control hand and finger movements.

Large Motor Development

Large motor activities develop the large muscles of the body and enable children to achieve greater mastery of body movements. Activities include climbing up/down ladder and stairs; pumping on a swing, riding tricycles, and throwing/catching a ball.

Social and Emotional Development

St. Cecelia School is dedicated to providing a loving, nurturing, and caring atmosphere where children will learn and grow. Each child is respected and accepted for who they are; a unique gift from God. Students participate in monthly class visits from the school counselor and safety director.