Pre-K – 3 Year Old Class

Pre-K 3 at St. Cecelia School | 3-year-old Class Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for the three year olds at St. Cecelia School is designed to promote the following: expand the child’s physical, social/emotional, and cognitive growth; encourage curiosity; and provide experiences of self and guided discovery in the learning process. These areas of growth and development are met through age-appropriate thematic explorations throughout the day.

Spiritual Formation

Religion instruction focuses on teaching students that they are all children of God and Jesus loves them.  Prayer and talking to God is a natural and happy part of each day.  Students learn the sign of the cross and pray in many different ways.  In the beginning of the school year the children are taken to weekly Mass in small groups.  When ready, they attend Mass as a whole class where they have a front row seat.  Lessons are enhanced with Seeds provided by Pflaum Publishing.

Language Arts

The language program is rich with activities and experiences that encouraging listening and speaking.  Students regularly listen to stories from a variety of genres. Language is enhanced through the use of discussions, nursery rhymes, finger plays, stories, playtime, and centers.  Vocabulary is developing rapidly, so letters, sounds, and words are introduced in a meaningful way.  Students are encouraged to speak and ask questions. Students learn through play, direct instruction, conversations, role playing, stories, and more.


The math program is hands-on and filled with exploration opportunities and lots of manipulatives.  Students participate in various activities to identify shapes and sizes, recognize numbers, practice counting, and explore sorting, matching, and graphing.


The science program is designed to encourage observation, comparison, exploration and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to further explore their environment through wonder and curiosity.

Social Studies

The social studies program begins with the individual child and the development of his/her self-esteem. Activities focus on learning about self, home, family and the immediate and larger community.


Instruction at this grade level is called “FLEX” (Foreign Language Experience or Exploratory). The main goal is to provide students with a foundation for foreign language study. This includes introducing basic sounds and phrases in order to sharpen listening skills and familiarize students with the notion of thoughts can be expressed in another language.


Students visit the STREAM Center once a week. The classroom teacher and the STREAM Center coordinator work together to prepare for each STREAM Center activity.  The teachers pose a current issue or problem for the students to solve, using science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and/or math standards. During this time, students have access to a variety of materials, gadgets, and gizmos to think outside the box, build their problem-solving skills, and collaborate with classmates to address the issue or challenge they have been given.   The classroom teacher ensures the students are academically prepared and ready to be productive during their STREAM time, and then leads the activity. The STREAM Coordinator helps infuse technology into the planning, has the materials ready for the students, and assists the teacher as needed during the activity.

Visual Arts

The art program allows for exploration, choice and imaginative expression.  Art activities include painting, cutting, coloring and gluing.  The emphasis is placed on the experience, rather than the process.  The class visits the art room with the art teacher once per week throughout the school year.

Performing Arts

Music and movement play an integral part of each day at St. Cecelia School through songs, dance, rhythm instruments, and choral recitation. The class visits the Performing Arts room with the Performing Arts teacher once per week throughout the school year.

Fine Motor Development

Small muscle activities include drawing and scribbling with crayons/markers, cutting with scissors, manipulating play dough, stringing beads, and putting together puzzles. These experiences assist children learning to control hand and finger movements.

Physical Education

Pre-K 3 student’s emphasis is on activity and movement focusing on gross motor development.  The students explore, exercise and refine their large muscle skills with both indoor and outdoor activities using manipulatives (hula hoops, bean bags, yarn balls, jump ropes, etc.).  This program provides opportunities to practice these skills through the introduction of organized games.  Students attend Physical Education class once per week.

Social and Emotional Development

St. Cecelia School is dedicated to providing a loving, nurturing, and caring atmosphere where children will learn and grow. Each child is respected and accepted for who they are; a unique gift from God. Students participate in monthly class visits from the school counselor and safety director.

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