Learn How VPK Can Help You Afford Private School

Happy child holding donuts to his eyesFlorida has paved the way for the rest of the country to improve early childhood education by encouraging families to enroll their children in prekindergarten education. Through the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program, or VPK, Florida families can help their children build a strong academic foundation. Learn how VPK can allow your child to attend a private school for free.

Eligibility for VPK

To be eligible for VPK, children must live in Florida and be four years old on September 1st of the current school year. If your child was born between February 2nd and September 1st, you also have the choice to enroll your child in VPK the next year when they are five years old.

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Why Enroll in VPK?

Studies have found that children who attend a high-quality preschool perform better when they enter kindergarten. This foundation helps shape the quality of their education throughout the rest of their life. As such, ensuring your child gets an early start can be integral to the quality of their education going forward. 

It’s not just reading, writing, and arithmetic that your child will begin to develop in preschool. Skills like socialization, cooperation, respect, and patience are all crucial abilities that will improve during their time in a private preschool. Early childhood education helps to close the social gap between socio-economically disadvantaged children and their peers. 

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Why Choose St. Cecelia Catholic School?

St. Cecelia Catholic School is the only private school in Pinellas County that offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. The IB program is widely considered to provide the best opportunity for students to develop into active, compassionate, lifelong learners. St. Cecelia is dedicated to ensuring our students become knowledgeable, compassionate young people. Our students understand how important it is to be caring, responsible members of their community and the world around them — and the IB Program is perfect for developing this mindset.

Apply for VPK Today

You can find more information and the application portal for VPK at Florida’s Office of Early Learning. To learn more about St. Cecelia Catholic School and why we are the perfect school for your pre-K3 program for your child, learn more about our curriculum and staff online. You can also give our team a call at 727-461-1200. We look forward to hearing from you!

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