School Crest

st cecelia crest shield

The symbols in the crest represent important aspects of the Catholic Christian tradition and of our school. At the top of the crest is the year 1948, the date of our inception, which speaks to the longevity of St. Cecelia Interparochial School.

The Cross

The cross is a symbol of Christ’s saving work and reminds us of the sacrifice of our Savior. The cross used in the crest replicates that found at the top of our chapel.

The Shield

The shield is a symbol of faith and a reminder of God’s protection wherever we go. The shape of the shield was inspired by our chapel roof line.


The initials SCS have a strong identity with our school families and alumni. The initials have been used on school uniforms dating back to our school’s beginning.

Familiae in Christo

When asked to describe our school in one word during our strategic planning process most people said family. “Familiae in Christo” or Families in Christ” was created as a result. The banner which goes across the center of the crest is appropriate in that Christ is the center of our school.

The Crusader

The crusader has long been used as the mascot for our school’s team sports and stands as a champion for all that is good. Our school motto of “Modest in Victory, Gracious in Defeat” is exemplified in the Crusader.

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