Technology Goal

Technology Goal

St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School has embraced the use of technology as a vehicle for learning, connecting, and sharing, enabling our students to deepen their understanding and application of academic content, and clearly realize the power of digital citizenship.


To ensure our students’ success in the rapid and continuous technological advancements taking place, we must provide them with the most relevant learning tools to benefit their academic pursuits, and serve as guidance for using ever-present technologies as a positive extension of their humanity.


  • Established the Technology Committee comprised of Administration, Faculty, School Advisory Council Members, and Parents with strong technological backgrounds.
  • Investigated a wide variety of educational technology programs and 1:1 initiatives, both locally and nationally.
  • Gathered data from SCS and feeder high school constituents regarding technology program initiatives.
  • Created a new and fully staffed Technology Department to include Technology Assistants, Technology Teachers, and an outside IT resource company.
  • Implemented a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade 1:1 School Owned/Leased iPad Program.
  • Upgraded our current technologies and infrastructure including hardware, software and network capabilities to ensure we continue to meet the emergent and changing needs of our students.
  • Researched and recognized the need to promote best practices that successfully integrate and sustain a 1:1 personal computing initiative.Ensuring curricular design, instructional strategies, and learning environments integrate appropriate technologies to significantly impact teaching and learning.
  • Increasing opportunities for students to use technology to acquire and demonstrate communication, collaboration, and engagement skills aligned with state and diocesan standards across the curriculum.
  • Supporting teachers with access to knowledgeable professionals, productivity tools, online services, media-based instructional materials, and primary sources of data in settings that enrich and extend teaching goals.
  • Providing enhanced communications for students, teachers, and staff in a technologically enriched and Christ-centered way.

“Teaching in the internet age means we must teach tomorrows skills today.” – Jennifer Fleming

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