iPad Initiative FAQ’s

iPad Initiative FAQ's

How are the iPads being used in the classrooms?
iPads are a powerful educational learning tool. They will be used to enhance the educational experience of our students. Through their iPad students will have instant access to tools which allow for improved communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. These tools also allow students to research, take notes, and complete assignments in a more efficient manner: examples include note taking, writing for a variety of audiences, project-based learning, varied presentation formats, multimedia production, communication, collaboration, and so much more.

What is the cost?
Every student will be charged a rental/device fee depending on the device and the grade level of the student. The cost covers the use of a school owned device, case (depending upon the device) and insurance coverage. Detailed information on pricing will follow once the best pricing has been determined.

What is the insurance?  What is covered and how will a device be repaired?
SCS will use AppleCare. Devices, charging cables, and charging blocks are all covered by AppleCare. Screen breaks along with water damage are considered accidental damage and are assessed a fee of $49 each for the first and second incidents. The need for a 3rd repair is not covered and would be the full
responsibility of the family. Any repair bills will be charged to the student’s family.

How will SCS handle a lost or stolen iPad?
A lost or stolen iPad is not covered by Applecare. The student’s family will be assessed for the full replacement cost and is responsible for a lost or stolen iPad. Only upon receipt of payment will another iPad will be issued.

What happens when an iPad needs to be repaired?
If an iPad needs to be repaired the student must bring their iPad to the technology department for an assessment to determine what repair is needed. Once an assessment has been made their parents will be notified and a loaner may be issued to the student based upon the expected repair time.

Will there be internet filtering?
Yes, there will be internet filtering on campus and during school hours. SCS is in compliance of CIPA – Children Information Protection Act and all traffic within the school goes through mobile management filtering and security software. Please be aware these security measures only take place on campus and during school hours.

Will there be content monitoring?
Yes, there will be content monitoring on campus and during school hours. SCS will be using a mobile management software to monitor content accessed by students. This will safeguard against students using content or applications which are unrelated or inappropriate to student learning and encourage
them to stay focused and engaged in school-related activities only. Please be aware these monitoring measures only take place on campus and during school hours.

What is expected of my student?
Students are expected to follow all school rules and guidelines outlined in the St. Cecelia Acceptable Use Policy for Educational Technology and the second through eighth grade iPad Contract. Updated policies and contracts will be sent to families during the summer. Students will review the policies and contracts within their homeroom classes during the first week of school. All students and parents will be required to sign the SCS iPad Contract prior to a device being issued.

Additionally, students are expected to:
 Bring a fully-charged iPad to school each day.
 Be the only user of the device. Students may not share devices with classmates.
 Keep the iPad with them or secured in their locker.
 Keep the iPad in its protective case.
 Keep a security passcode on their device.

Does my student need a keyboard?
Students are not required to have a keyboard, but many students find a keyboard extremely helpful.

Does my student need an Apple pen?
Students are not required to have an Apple pen, but it is a nice tool for drawing diagrams and handwriting notes. Students find using a pen especially helpful when writing scientific and mathematical formulas and equations.

Will homework continue to be assigned on the iPad?
Yes, homework will continue to be assigned on the iPad.

Will my student be able to print from an iPad?
Yes, students will be able to print from an iPad. Air print is available in both the middle school computer lab and the STREAM Center. Some teachers also have Wi-Fi printers in their classrooms.

Will my student need an Apple ID?
Yes, students need an Apple ID and one will be issued by SCS.

Will students be able to keep their iPad during the summer?
No, students will not be able to keep their iPad over the summer. At the end of the school year all iPads will be turned in for routine maintenance, programming, and any other updates. The iPads will be redistributed before the school year begins.

How will summer homework be assigned and completed?
In the spring more information will be sent to families on how summer homework will be assigned and completed.

Will students be allowed to download apps for personal use?
No, students are not allowed to download apps for personal use. The iPad is a learning tool and is strictly for school use. All apps required will be available in the SCS school app store.

Will students be allowed to take photos with their iPad?
Yes, students will be allowed to take photos with their iPad when necessary and only at the direction of a teacher. The Technology Department will unlock cameras at the request of a teacher for students to use in class.

What age groups will be assigned an iPad?
Second through eighth grade will be assigned an iPad. Second grade iPads will stay at school. Pre-K4 through first grade will have 1:1 devices in the classroom for school usage. The devices may be a combination of iPads, Netbooks, tablets or PC’s.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, financial assistance will be available. Please know we recognize the potential financial burden this may cause some of our families. We are prepared to work with them to make individual iPads a possibility
for every second through eighth grade student. Please contact Mrs. Angela Peterson in the Business Office, apeterson@st-cecelia.org, regarding financial assistance.
** If you are interested in becoming a Ghost Donor to help support families with their technology needs, please contact Mrs. Angela Peterson in the Business Office, apeterson@st-cecelia.org.

Please address any other questions or concerns to tech@st-cecelia.org.

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