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How Is Play Important for Childhood Development?

Children begin learning the fundamentals of playing when they are just a few weeks old. Some children enjoy playing games for fun, while other children will jump rope or play sports as a form of recreation. Being able to play and have fun is an intrinsic part of a child’s upbringing. Allowing children the opportunity …


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What to Do When Your Child Hits Another Child at Preschool

One phone call parents hope they never receive is from a preschool to report that their child hurt another child in class. While your first instinct may be to discipline your child about their behavior, it’s important to stay calm and take the time to make it a teachable moment. St. Cecelia has some tips …


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What Can Your Children Get from Enrolling in Athletics?

For parents who never participated in athletics in their school years, they may be unaware of the important benefits of sports for their children. Everyone knows that exercise is excellent for the body, but there are many benefits you may never have realized that youth athletes gain. Today, the St. Cecelia team will discuss the …


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4 Things Causing Your Student to Feel Stressed

Stress and anxiety have become widespread in our society. But it’s not just adults who are experiencing stress at record levels — our children are too. The question that parents should be asking themselves is “Why?” If we know the reasons our children are so stressed, we can begin to take measures to help them …


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4 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy This Winter

Keeping Your Child Healthy During The Winter The winter months are prime time for cold and flu viruses to make their appearance known. It’s hard to prevent your child from getting sick forever, especially if they’re around other children. If your child misses school it can be difficult get them caught back up in their …


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St. Cecelia’s Sickness Guide

St. Cecelia School: How to Know When Your Child is Too Sick to Go to School Sickness happens, especially with children. Sneezing, sniffles, headaches, and the like are a fairly common occurrence throughout the school year at St. Cecelia. However, there are some instances when a child should stay home from school due to sickness. …


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Is your child getting enough sleep?

An all-too-familiar struggle for parents is that of bedtime. It can be so hard to get your kids to turn off the electronics, put the toys away, and settle down for a good night’s sleep. It can be tempting to let your kids stay up “just a few more minutes.” But, according to the National …