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How to Have Sunday School at Home as Part of Extracurricular Activities

Sunday school at church gives kids a fun and relaxed way to discover God’s teachings, the Gospels, and Bible scripture. Your children may have questions about what they learned, which is why having Sunday school at home is a fantastic way to maintain your children’s interest. Today’s blog from St. Cecelia Catholic School discusses how …


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St. Cecelia Presents Fun Spring Activities to Do at Home With Your Children

Springtime is here in Florida, and the weather is perfect! Although you might be spending a little more time with your children at home nowadays, there are plenty of things to do around the house that are fun for everyone. St. Cecelia Catholic School explains in today’s blog. Related Post: How Is Play Important for …


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Learning to Study: Creating an Environment Where Your Child Can Concentrate

Developing an ideal environment where a student can concentrate on learning is a difficult endeavor in some homes. Studies show that a dedicated space where students can concentrate helps them to absorb and retain the information they are studying. Today, the St. Cecelia team will discuss what you can do to improve your student’s learning …


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Get an Early Start With Private Pre-K3 Education

For parents looking to get the most out of their child’s education, a Pre-K3 education at a private school like St. Cecelia Catholic School can be incredibly beneficial. With Florida’s VPK program, access to a private Pre-K3 has never been more available. Learn why your child could benefit from enrollment at St. Cecelia Catholic School …


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Is the International Baccalaureate Program the Future of Education?

St. Cecelia Catholic School is the only private school that features the International Baccalaureate program in Pinellas County. We believe that the IB Program is the best education program available for helping children develop into compassionate, inquisitive, active young adults.  But how long will IB remain as the most thorough, successful education program on the …


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Learn How VPK Can Help You Afford Private School

Florida has paved the way for the rest of the country to improve early childhood education by encouraging families to enroll their children in prekindergarten education. Through the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program, or VPK, Florida families can help their children build a strong academic foundation. Learn how VPK can allow your child to attend a …


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Recommended Reading for Catholic Middle School Students

Summer is the time for some well-earned R&R for your students. While we are fully supportive of our children taking time to unwind and relax after the school year, they can also take some time to improve their minds while having fun. With this goal, the St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School has compiled a short …


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4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Private School Students Succeed

Many parents who first enroll their children in private school worry that their child’s curriculum will be more difficult than what they may have experienced in public school. As such, one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from parents is what they can do to help their student succeed. We love to receive …


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Ways To Keep Your Child Learning Over The Summer

Encourage Summer Learning   While summer break is a time for fun, it’s also the time of year where children lose the most information. By the time the next school year begins, children have lost a majority of what they learned the previous year. St. Cecelia Catholic School has some ideas on how to keep …


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School Habits Your Child Should Be Practicing

St. Cecelia Suggests These Successful Habits Developing good study habits at a young age can be beneficial in many circumstances. It can benefit your child by: Teaching them to avoid procrastination Helping them gain motivation Encouraging hard work Freeing up valuable time Preparing them for the working world St. Cecelia Catholic School gives some recommendations …

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