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Parenting Tips: How to React When Your Child Hits in Preschool

One phone call parents hope they never receive is from a preschool to report that their child hit another child in class. While your first instinct may be to discipline your child about their behavior, it’s important to stay calm and take the time to make it a teachable moment. St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School …


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How to Get Ahead in School Over the Summer

Are you looking for ways to help your child get ahead in school over the summer? Often summertime is when children begin to lose some of what they studied over the past year. With a few simple strategies, however, it’s possible to give your children a head start on their academic journey instead! With targeted …


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How to Prep Your Middle School Student for the Start of High School

High school is often a whole new world compared to the structure and safety of middle school. Preparing your middle school student early can help them be successful once they begin life as a high school student. Here are some ways you can prepare your middle school student for what lies ahead, and help them …


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Daycare vs. Preschool: What Should Parents Decide?

Deciding on a daycare or preschool for your child is a big decision. Many parents struggle to decide the best option due to work schedules, finances, and which program or environment feels right for their child. In today’s blog, St. Cecelia Interparochial School discusses the many different benefits surrounding daycare vs. preschool and how you …


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Fun Outdoor Activities in Tampa for Nature Lovers by St. Cecelia

Nature trails, river kayaking, or bird watching are all fun-therapeutic activities available right around your local corner. For nature lovers that enjoy the fresh outdoors and urban wildlife, Tampa Bay, Florida, is an ideal location guaranteed to provide learning, adventure, and nonstop fun. From scenic riverfronts to the Florida Aquarium, the whole family can enjoy …


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Tips From St. Cecelia Catholic School to Help Your Child Deal With Stress and Change

Students, parents, teachers, and the entire education system face new challenges to protect the health and safety of children at school. We’ve changed our routine to accommodate state and local guidelines. Amid these changes, we want to help our students maintain a normal, comfortable, fun experience at school. Read on for tips to help your …


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School Etiquette Your Child Should Be Practicing

When children practice good manners, it shapes a student’s and how they will act in new or uncomfortable situations. St. Cecelia explores some manners your child should be learning and how to practice school etiquette. Related Post: School Habits Your Child Should Be Practicing In The Classroom The classroom is the place where your children …


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St. Cecelia: Middle School Students and College Preparation

As a parent or guardian, you undoubtedly understand the importance of education in your child’s life. You may understand that a child’s high school performance can determine their college admission and acceptance rates, but were you aware that your child’s academic performance in middle school shapes their high school and college study skills? In this …


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5 Ways To Keep St. Cecelia Children Learning During School Holidays

Holiday breaks are an enjoyable time for children to spend with their families, while everyone has time away from work and school. However, longer breaks mean more time away from school material. Your child may forget some of what they learned because they are away from the classroom for so long. Today, St. Cecelia provides …


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Get Involved With Your Child’s School With These Methods

Your child’s education will help to guide what they do after graduation and into adult life. Why not get involved to see it all happen? If you’re interested in becoming more involved in your student’s academic career, here are some ways you can stay up to date on their education. Attend Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher …

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