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How Private School Education Prepares Your Children for Adulthood

One of the reasons why more families are choosing to enroll their children in private school is the belief that their children can better prepare for their coming adulthood with private education. At St. Cecelia, we believe that our curriculum is perfect for preparing students for high School, college, and beyond. Today, our team will …


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5 Smart Ways to Save Money for Tuition to a Private School

Sending your child to a private school has many benefits, such as small class sizes, individualized attention, and access to specialized programs. However, with these benefits often come hefty price tags that can add up quickly.  For families who are considering or already have enrolled their child in a private school, saving money on tuition …


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The Benefits of a Catholic School Education

With many different schools for parents to place their pre-k, elementary, or middle school students, decision-making can be complex. Choosing a school for your student is not an easy decision since each school has its own profound impact on your child’s development. In today’s blog,  St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School shares the benefits of providing …


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St. Cecelia Is the Only Private Pre-K3 – 8th Grade IB Program in Pinellas County

Parents in Pinellas County who are looking for an excellent education for their children should consider the many benefits that St. Cecelia Catholic School can offer. In fact, St. Cecelia is the only private school in the county to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) program for Pre-K3 through 8th grade. Learn why the IB …


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Catholic vs. Public School

Choosing the best school for your children is a complex process. Like most parents, you want to make sure that your children are set on the best path to success. Academics are often a big part of the decision-making process. And many public schools offer excellent academics. But what about the emotional, social, and spiritual …


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Benefits of K-8 Schools

When considering where to enroll your children for school, you will likely be faced with the decision of public vs. private schools. While each have their benefits, we’d like to highlight for you one of the key benefits of choosing a private Catholic school like Saint Cecelia. Saint Cecelia is a K-8 school, meaning students …


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Public vs. Private School: What is best for your family?

One of the most important issues for parents has always been making sure their children get the best education possible. Whether that means sending them to public or private school has long been the debate in living rooms and on playgrounds alike. Where we choose to send our kids to school is a loaded topic …

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