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Fun Outdoor Activities in Tampa for Nature Lovers by St. Cecelia

Nature trails, river kayaking, or bird watching are all fun-therapeutic activities available right around your local corner. For nature lovers that enjoy the fresh outdoors and urban wildlife, Tampa Bay, Florida, is an ideal location guaranteed to provide learning, adventure, and nonstop fun. From scenic riverfronts to the Florida Aquarium, the whole family can enjoy …


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Why It’s Important To Read Over Summer

Summer is here, which means plenty of time to spend at the pool cooling off from the heat and spending time with new friends made through the year! Don’t forget to encourage your children to keep up with their reading, so they can go into their next year of school fully prepared. In today’s blog, …


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Fun Summer Activities in Tampa to Strengthen Your Child’s Love of Science by St. Cecelia

  Finding activities for the family, school groups, or personal fun with your child can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, being connected to the education community provides our experts with St. Cecelia Catholic School, a bit of an insight on fun activities that also stimulate learning. In today’s blog, we’ll …


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Fun Ideas for Learning Science at Home This Summer

Just because it’s called ‘summer vacation’ doesn’t mean learning has to stop. In today’s blog from St. Cecelia Catholic School, we offer some easy and fascinating science experiments you can do at home that will not only teach your child, but also offer great family time together.  Related Post:  Ways to Make Math Fun at …


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Tips to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

With summer comes a lot of excitement including warm weather, outdoor activities, and family vacations. But for parents, it can also come with worry over summer learning loss for your child. These concerns are not unfounded as studies show that on average students lose two months of reading skills and over two months of math …


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Make Summer Reading a Breeze

Getting kids to read during summer vacation can be a battle, especially with so many games, apps, and other fun media distractions available. But teachers and literacy experts agree that children of all ages need to be read to or to read by themselves and to talk about books over the summer. When you read …


26 Apr · Maryanne Del Monte · 491 Comments

Top Reasons Summer Camp is a Brilliant Idea for Kids (and Parents)

Ah, summer vacation — those endless lazy hot days of summer are almost upon us. Many children and parents rejoice, as we take a little bit off our plates to enjoy a little bit of extra free time. But as the saying goes, there are two sides to every coin. Sure, time off sounds wonderful …

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