St. Cecelia Catholic Preschool

St. Cecelia Catholic Preschool (SCS) is a school based program that offers a rich academic curriculum designed to instill students with the building blocks with which a foundation for learning is established. The preschool experience provides children with their first glimpse at a structured educational setting.  SCS provides a safe, nurturing environment where each child’s strengths are fostered and developed.  Teachers strive to inspire a love of learning through creative and challenging themes, guided by the framework of the International Baccalaureate Programme.   Students in the preschool program are an integral part of the school community and attend various specials throughout the week just like their counterparts in grades K through 8.  Specials include Spanish, STREAM, Visual Art, Performing Arts, and PE.  Unlike smaller schools that do not have the resources or staffing to provide these specials, St. Cecelia Catholic School has the ability to nurture students in totality.


St. Cecelia Catholic School Preschool offers a variety of program choices.  Parents of three-year olds may opt for a full day (7:50am-3pm),  half day (7:50am- 12:00pm), or three full days per week.  The four year old  program offers the options for a full day (7:50am-3:00pm), half day (7:50am- 12:00am), or a VPK only program (7:50am-11:00am).   Extended day is offered until 6pm daily.   Priority acceptance to the preschool programs is allotted to full day students.

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