22 Mar · Allie Griese · No Comments

Catholic School Celebration Gets National Recognition

At St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School, we love sharing our passion for our students and for our school with the larger communities. An aspect that is unique to Catholic schools is our celebration of Catholic Schools Week. We love getting the opportunity to celebrate our Catholic education and faith and getting to see the excitement …


28 Jul · Maryanne Del Monte · 20 Comments

Healthy Time Management Tips for the School Year

I’ve heard many people say they look forward to school starting so the family can get back into their routine. Does it ever feel like you are more organized and schedules go more smoothly in the beginning of the year? I often think that is because the summer gives us time to “reset.” Don’t you …


18 Jul · Maryanne Del Monte · 33 Comments

Preparing Your Children For a Successful School Year

Summer is the time when parents and children eagerly await the beginning of a new school year. Parents want their children to be safe, happy, and successful. Children want to enjoy their friends and learning experiences. However, many parents have discovered that children’s success in school does not happen without intentional preparation, especially in the areas …